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I wonder what'll happen once he meets the nutty alpha male squirrel who believes that our yard is his?! The squirrel that lives in our backyard wisely made himself scarce the day Madam Pince, Little Pince and Grandma Pince came to visit Our heat pump is fixed! No more electric heat! Sheila, contact rescue groups in your area.

e-book Tales of Terror and Mystery

Most have waiting lists for small dogs and usually they can be easily placed. Looks like a Jack Russell mix perhaps. Cute lil thing. Are you serious? I didn't know people still eat squirrels! Enjoy your copy of OotP and I'll just have to be patient and wait until Dec. PeskyPixie[ Mwahahaha! You weren't around for the first conversation, I think. People still eat squirrels. My edition of Joy of Cooking has a whole chapter on Game, complete with diagrams showing how to skin a squirrel. There are recipes for possum, porcupine, raccoon, muskrat, woodchuck, beaver and beaver tail , armadillo.

And more! My most recent edition of Joy does not include this very important information, more's the pity. I think I just heard the nutty alpha male squirrel go running off with his tail between his legs! Hugs to you.

Bradford County telegraph ( August 28, 1986 )

I didn't buy the doll, but hey, I've got the others. Now I have to wait until Christmas to play with them. Thank you for the fire extinguishers, John, but wouldn't some sort of drying charm work better, knowing my past and laptops? Actually, our scorched neighbors will thank you. Thank you for the link, and welcome back, Winky Woo! Loved the book covers, Caius. Did anyone click on the pic across the top?

If you drag your mouse on the OotP page, it does something neat. I won't give it away. Hugs to all! Warming charms and healing charms fired off no pun intended, John to all! If I press the spacebar first, I get a reaction from each book, not just OP. But the GF 'surprise' seems as if it would be better for PA.

Happy pigeons? Our heat pump is fixed! Do you mean no more electric resistance heat? Because what does your heat pump run on if not eckeltricity? I guess I'm finding the posts unusually confusing tonight. Now, cooking squirrel, I understand. When it is not running, we have to use the emergency electric heat source That is what I meant by no more electric heat. I was wondering if you had some new—fangled dual fuel heat pump.

I never felt warm when we had a heat pump. That's just sick. Many people refused to eat it, I tried it and it was pretty good. I do have to admit, by the time I got to the cake, all the Two of my Tigers won awards in the bake off. Two nights ago, I was awakened at about 1 a.

The first time he called, I was letting my answering machine get it. The second time he called two minutes later I picked up the phone and told him that he "had a wrong number, and that it was almost 2 a. Who is dis? Not even two minutes pass again and he's calling me again.

I pick up and hang up the phone. I do this TWO more times with him, and then finally I unplug my phone from the wall. Can you tell I hate people calling me in the middle of the night?


After a couple minutes I plug it back in and turn off the ringer on my phone, as well as the answering machine. He hasn't called back since.

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Found out from my caller ID and the internet that he was calling from Washington State. Today- I took my vacation this weekend to study for my teachers test and catch up on homework. Did I get to do any homework today? I bought a new cell phone blackberry pearl. Have no idea what happened. I am really bummed- the keychain was from Tiffany and Co.

It was a gift from my old boss who came out to visit a month or so ago, and had my initials on it. Off to get some studying in for the test tomorrow! Wish me luck- to , three HUGE tests tomorrow! Have a great weekend everyone! I am going to try and translate it to you in another tread sorry for any spelling mistakes - it will be quick as I am going into town to buy a copy.

Choices, I hope this will give you something to do between now and the 11 of December??

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Why only on the 11?? DVD-selling trolls?? I think there's a "font bleeding" problem stemming from a bullet point near the bottom of Tazzygirl's post I noticed it earlier, posted a response, then didn't see it again when I pressed the MORE button, so deleted my original post so as not to bother anyone unnecessarily.

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But I see it again now. So I thought I'd say something. I live in NYC and there's a big push about "If you see something, say something" on all the public transportation ads. I guess it's ingrained in me! Many apologies in advance in case I got it wrong, again. Edited to add: Got it, thanks Potteraholic! I would love to read it when you get it done. I took Littlest Guy to see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium last night.

Mens Sweater Vintage Knitting Pattern (The Knitting Network WMD006)

Very cute. The Littlest Guy doesn't like that Mr. Magorium "departs". I laughed out loud and wanted to cry in others. I recommend it. Cheering Charms to Tazzy and everybody else needing some, Healing Charms too and hugs to all.