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Of German descent, Kapsperger published his first book of solo pieces for the theorbo in and went on to enjoy a successful career in Rome, contributing to the monumental cultural programme of Pope Urban VIII. There he moved in intellectual circles, particularly that of the scientist Galileo Galilei. Not until did his last known volume of theorbo pieces appear, the number four in its title indicating that two books have been lost.

These are here all made to sound under the fingers of Jonas Nordberg, sought-after as soloist as well as ensemble musician, performing on a wide range of plucked instruments including the lute, guitar and theorbo. All active between — , they will have required great courage to rise above the social conventions of the time, but this surprisingly productive period for female composers also offered an opportunity that would disappear in later centuries: the all-female environment provided by the convent.

More than half of the women who published music before were nuns, including Sessa and Vizzana, who are here represented by brief meditations on the suffering and death of Christ. Caccini and Strozzi, on the other hand, lived very much in the secular world — Caccini at the Florentine court and Strozzi as a free-lance musician and composer in Venice.


Unhindered by the restrictions imposed by the church on sacred music they both adhered to the new stile moderno championed by Claudio Monteverdi. The soprano Ruby Hughes has already made her name for herself in a wide-ranging repertoire, but has a special love for the constellation of lute, cello and voice. With Jonas Nordberg and Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann — who also contribute instrumental solos — she here revels in the dramatic and expressive potential offered by the combination, and by the music by these female composers and their English colleagues Henry Purcell and John Bennet.

The transverse flute, on the other hand, was generally the preserve of the upper classes the nobility and bourgeosie.

Emiliano Sala's ex-girlfriend Berenice Schkair's powerful message to missing footballer

With his fellow musicians in Paradiso Musicale, Laurin therefore opts for an Italianate slant different continuo settings, ranging from harpsichord alone to the full complement including baroque guitar, provide great variety in realizations characterized by bold and striking harmonizations. During a recording career that stretches over almost 30 years, Laurin keeps returning to one particular set of works, however: the concertos by Antonio Vivaldi.

Three of the works the Concertos RV , and included on his latest release he has recorded more than once before, with ensembles such as the Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble, Bach Collegium Japan and Arte dei Suonatori.

A thrilling debut album with a unique blend of baroque music, minimalism and folk music, with a wide spectrum of musical colourfulness. With her roots in the Swedish folk music, Kristine West takes on baroque music as well as contemporary music in a free and open minded way. Her playing is characterised by latitude and easiness, with the aim to create an experience of presence — with a conviction that what occurs in the musical moment is the only thing that exists. The interpretation can constantly change and be reconsidered — depending on fellow musicians, the acoustics and the audience.

In this way the music is constantly alive, built on impulse, interplay and sense, free to reflect the mutual experience of the moment. Jonas performs three Scottish pieces by Barsanti as well as a recorder concerto by Vivaldi on the critically acclaimed debut album by Swedish recorder virtuoso Kristine West. Antonia Bembo is one of the most fascinating composers in the history of music.

Emiliano Sala's ex-girlfriend posts bizarre 'mafia' message after plane disappeared - Mirror Online

She fought for her rights and left a violent and unfaithful husband to pursue a career as a composer in France, at the court of the Sun King. But what did she sacrifice on her way there? What is one willing to do for the greatest love? The passion for another human but also the passion for life and music. The music that never may be silenced.

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The piece is in two acts, Jonas performing all the music solo in act 1 together with K. Jonas is the musical curator for the whole evening and has created various connections between the two acts. Duct tape and some singing was added. After an initial musical try out of part of the material at Kammermusik Lockenhaus research was done into finding brilliant music by forgotten female 17th century composers, our Heroines. Some male composers made it to the program too, depicting fictive Heroines in their lyrics.

Together with K. Love and the Courtesan focuses on the Italian repertoire of the early 17th-century, where solo pieces and improvisations — from intimate, lamenting passacaglias to passionate dances — are blended together and contrasted with each other, incorporating music by composers such as Barbara Strozzi, Francesca Caccini, Isabella Leonarda, and Pandolfo Mealli. It was said that Barbara Strozzi was a courtesan. Perhaps she was; perhaps not.

If a woman was too successful, however, she ran the risk of being classed a prostitute. Throughout time, labelling a woman as a prostitute has been a convenient way of removing a talented individual from the establishment. The two share stage dancing, playing music and having coffee table discussions on various casual aspects of death. The work takes inspiration from a set of Tombeaux, French baroque pieces for lute and theorbo that were written to commemorate lost fellow artists and composers.

Théâtre complet I : La Thébaïde, Alexandre le Grand, Andromaque, Les…

Three dancers and two musicians meeting in a work ranging from deepest intimacy to raging frustration. Jonas joined forces with composer and guitarist Ola Hjelmberg switching between theorbo, baroque guitar, electric guitar and electric bass. Small steps out of the performers comfort zones involved Jonas first steps as a dancer. Emiliano Sala's ex-girlfriend has claimed she doesn't believe the disappearance of the Cardiff striker's plane is an accident.

His former partner Berenice Schkair, a French model, posted a cryptic tweet which she later deleted before expanding on her message on Instagram. She initially said: "Investigate the soccer mafia because I do not believe this accident. Later she wrote: "I want to wake up and this is all a lie.

Please investigate because I do not believe this was an accident or suspend a search for bad weather when they hardly find objects floating in [the sea]. Two planes took off on Wednesday morning to search a "targeted area" where there is the "highest likelihood" of finding anything based on a review of tides and the weather.

Minuet from "Berenice" by G.F. Haendel-Guitar arrangement.

Coastal areas around Alderney and off-lying rocks and islands will also be searched from the air, police said. The search resumes after a WhatsApp voice message emerged that Sala sent to friends while on the plane bound for Cardiff. In the recording the footballer says he is "getting scared" and "aboard a plane that seems like it is falling to pieces". The search for the missing plane was suspended at sunset on Tuesday with rescue teams finding "no signs" of the plane. The single-turbine engine Piper PA Malibu, carrying the footballer and his pilot, has been missing since it disappeared off radar on Monday night.

It left Nantes at 7.

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