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As a helmet protects the head, hope can protect your mind, your thinking. Jesus set what example in maintaining hope, and how can we imitate him? Remember what he endured on the final night of his life on earth. An intimate friend betrayed him for money. Another denied even knowing him. The others abandoned him and fled. His own countrymen turned against him, crying out for his death by torture at the hands of Roman soldiers. It seems safe to say that Jesus faced heavier trials than we will ever face. What helped him? He would provide the greatest possible proof that Satan is a liar.

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No hope could give Jesus greater joy! We need to do the same. We too have joy set before us.

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Jehovah dignifies each of us with the privilege of helping to sanctify his great name. We can prove Satan a liar by choosing Jehovah as our Sovereign and keeping ourselves safe in the love of our Father no matter what trials and temptations we may face. What can help you to keep your thinking positive and hopeful?

Isaiah ; read Malachi He delights in granting his servants the righteous desires of their heart. Psalm So keep your mind firmly focused on the hope that lies before you.

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With that pressure gone, what a joy it will be to work at transforming the earth into a paradise under the direction of Jesus and his , heavenly corulers! How we thrill at the prospect of seeing all sicknesses and infirmities done away with, of welcoming back our loved ones from the grave, of living life the way God meant us to live it!

The path to that freedom lies in obedience. Is it not worth every effort you can put forth now to obey Jehovah day by day? For example, this sense enables you to clap your hands with your eyes closed. One adult patient who lost her proprioception was unable to stand, walk, or even sit up as a result. No matter how long we have been serving Jehovah, we can continue to progress spiritually.

We can draw inspiration from many sterling examples of faith, ancient and modern. How can you keep your faith strong? Skip to content Skip to table of contents.

Faith under construction

Yes No. In Compass Group v Mid-Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust in , the NHS won their appeal against enforcement of a good faith clause as the original decision was considered to have applied the obligation too broadly, rather than to just the specific instances expressly set out in the contract. Also in , in TSG Building Services Plc v South Anglia Housing Limited , the court found that a duty of good faith did not apply to a termination clause as the express terms allowed either party to terminate for any or no reason. It seems therefore that for such clauses to be enforceable, they need to set out specific obligations that demonstrate compliance.

This is an ever-changing area of the law, and in the future the courts may give more weight to good faith clauses , however, at present, the interpretation of how clear an obligation to act in good faith needs to be is likely to be judged on a case by case basis. This brings into question whether it is the inclusion of the phrase ' good faith ' that should be relied on, or just the related express terms , which would stand even without the inclusion of the phrase.

If the parties to a contract wish to enforce a particular sort of behaviour they should include express terms to that effect. The health of a Victorian town. United Free Church of Scotland. Sustainable urban Drainage Systems. Historic environment. Designing for the elderly.

Episode 44 - Faith Under Construction: Recorded Live from the Upside Down Gathering in Chicago!

Property development. Modern Methods of Construction.

Faith Under Construction - Anthony "Bishop" Hughey

Never Give Up. The Black Holes of Life. I Am Not A Hostage. What Love Looks Like. Real Transformation. Transformation: How to Deal with Offense.

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