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But not everyone is out of the woods. David Rosen is nursing the love hangover he got from Mystery Henchwoman, whose name is maybe Gertrude, but now we may never know. At least, Rowan gives Rosen the raw ingredients of closure.

Foreigner - Head Games 1979

Like the best Scandal scenes, the characters are the first to acknowledge the fun absurdity of the White House chief of staff, the NSA director, and the attorney general playing hot potato with a severed human head. They home in on Shaun Campbell, a man serving a life sentence for exacting vigilante justice against a white supremacist who killed eight people in a church bombing.

The bomber is acquitted, but winds up dead, hanged from a tree, and somehow Shaun winds up taking the fall for it. The case is well-known, having been featured in a Serial -style true-crime podcast. The Shaun Campbell case is the kind of long shot that OPA used to specialize in, but this time, Olivia is too busy to run point, or even take much of an interest.

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Liv also has to have one last boozy dinner with Rowan, who is intent on retiring, not only because the Vargas ugliness is now behind him but also so he can avoid distracting Liv as she prepares to retake the Oval. When Olivia and Quinn debrief, Liv confesses that the whole thing was a test to see if she was ready to take the reins of the company that bears her name.

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Quinn passed, and the torch is formally passed down. They were taking orders from someone else.

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