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Coming through the Vizcaino desert without enough water , he describes the cirios also called Boojum trees. They remain a mystery, because no fossils have been found. Why are they just growing there?

"adventures in the Natural and Cultural History of the Californias"

No one can say with any certainty just how, where and why these trees looking like upside down hairy carrots or weird space aliens originated. Next, he swings west and we experience Purisima and the Pacific coastline, and finally he reaches the end of the road in Loreto, and the very first Mission built in the Californias, giving us the proud history of that village, and quoting from Harry Crosby, Jesuit padres, and telling us the history and legends of Our Lady of Loreto.

Graham Mackintosh is a popular author as well as speaker, and can often be found in the Baja. Previous to the journey described in this report, he and his family were extras in Rosarito during the filming of the Titanic and he claims he was a camera hog in a drinking scene below decks. At that time, he was busy giving Mision reassurance that food, water, and rest would soon be plentiful.

Sierra's Return The Journey of a Freedom Fund Mare

Jeannine yahoo. Address: On the Marina front, second floor over Capt. Tony's and Pisces Sport Fishing. In front of the Cultural Center. The winter of was, in one sense, a wonderful time to make this trip. On the west coast of North America that meant persistent and perhaps unprecedented rain. The same journey would be a very different proposition in a year with more normal precipitation. From an overland trek down the trail of the padres, exactly three-hundred years after the establishment of Baja California's first mission at Loreto, springs Graham Mackintosh's book, Journey with a Baja Burro.

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As well as a tribute to the th anniversary of the founding of the Loreto Mission, Journey with a Baja Burro is also a celebration of the dramatic beauty of Baja, the importance of wilderness, the depth of the relationship between the author and his burro companion, and in spite of the author's explicit questioning and rejection of Christian dogma—especially that held by the Catholic missionaries—it is, in the end, a record of a powerful spiritual, perhaps Christian, experience and a moving tribute to the courage and character of the early Baja missionaries.

At last, in Graham Mackintosh, this unique, breathtaking, and alas, endangered place has its bard. Nearer My Dog To Thee is a both charming and important page-turner of a book. And what an adventure it was!

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Shooting stars, packs of coyotes, a soaring eagle, thunderclaps and crashing trees I learned about mushrooms and condors, stars and comets and the planet Mars, and best of all, I "met" Pedro, a rescued mutt from Rosarito, and Penny, the cute-as-a-button little coyote-chasing terrier. This book will delight anyone who loves Baja California, its high sierra, and most of all, dogs. Graham Mackintosh shows us that, indeed, God is dog spelled backwards.

Mackintosh is believed to be the only person to have walked around Baja California.

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  8. He estimates the distance he covered--he wore out seven pairs of boots--at about 3, miles. He walked across some of the most brutal terrain in some of the most intense heat on the planet.

    A former teacher in England, Mackintosh, 45, now lives in San Diego with his wife, Bonnie, writing articles on Baja, leading tours into Baja and entertaining schoolchildren and travel groups with slide presentations on his now-legendary walk around Baja. As for the movie, Mackintosh says he has sold the rights to his story to a production company specializing in, well, off-beat flicks.

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    At a recent slide-presentation, Mackintosh is explaining to about 70 viewers in the Discover Baja travel club office the events leading to his journey. His first visit, in , was supposed to be a mere border crossing so he could check out Tijuana but it turned out to be an extended hitchhiking trip the length of the peninsula. It was from atop a mountain overlooking scenic Bahia de Los Angeles--about miles down the 1,mile peninsula on the Sea of Cortez--that he fell in love with Baja. Laughter fills the room. Mackintosh continues the show, explaining that his plan was to stick as closely to the coast as possible and not to accept any rides--by boat or automobile--around any obstacles.

    I Returned to Baja California 20 Years After Living There, and Here's How I Fell Back in Love

    He began with hardly any money and a pack containing only a tent, some basic supplies and a couple of stills to turn saltwater into fresh water. I also boiled seawater--the steam flows through a tube and condenses and I got distilled water. I could make several gallons a day. He also dug holes in the ground, put receptacles in them and covered them with plastic.

    Water in the ground condensed on the plastic and dripped into the receptacles. Clicking to a slide showing one such hole, Mackintosh points to a large iguana.

    4 Baja adventures for 'unadventurous' Graham Mackintosh

    Rattlesnake tastes like chicken. In fact everything I tasted seemed to taste like chicken. He became dehydrated and delirious on several occasions but tourists were generous with food and drink, and Mexicans in the fish camps treated him like family, feeding him, taking him fishing, tending his wounds. Also, seaweed, shellfish. When they were in season, September through December, that was about all I wanted to eat.

    Baja Cruises

    I would just wander from one pitahaya to another. I carried a spoon in my back pocket and just went looking for lunch. The first thing I would do is cut the head off and throw it away. You cut head off, then skin it, rip that skin back, pull the innards out in this really convenient sack. My only fear was that it would get away.