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The Spider then implies that he will put his little birds to use helping Tyrion enforce the Queen's peace in Meereen. While investigating the Sons of the Harpy with Tyrion, Varys determines that the Sons must have a leader and confirms that his little birds are already aflutter. Varys's little birds eventually enable him to locate Vala , the prostitute who has been helping the Sons of the Harpy prey upon the Unsullied.

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After dealing with her, Tyrion asks Varys if his little birds can infiltrate Yunkai , Astapor , and Volantis, the three cities now arrayed against Meereen. Varys assures him that they can. Back in King's Landing, Qyburn , the new Master of Whisperers, is busy co-opting Varys's little birds at least those in the capital for himself. Like Varys, he is kind to the children, asks after their families and gives them sweets, simply asking for whispers in exchange. Varys employs a northern girl Martha as one of his new little birds. She reports that Daenerys is not eating and is afraid of the guards.

Varys comforts her and says that they will try to poison Daenerys again later. In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, at least some of Varys's "little birds" have had their tongues cut out. Though Varys himself did not cut them out, they are provided to him already mutilated by Illyrio Mopatis. They are mostly children, which allows them to move through the secret passages of the Red Keep.

After Qyburn 's appointment to Varys's position on the Small Council, the failed maester boasts that he has easily taken over Varys's network, since most of the little birds are eager to be rewarded for their information, regardless of who the Master of Whisperers actually is. Nonetheless, Varys himself remains at large, and it is not clear how much of Varys's network Qyburn has actually managed to turn. Prior to relocating to King's Landing, Varys had a network of "little mice", small and quick orphan boys and girls whom he taught to climb through walls and chimneys, as well as how to read, in order to steal secret information recorded in letters and ledgers, and sell them to the highest bidder.

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. They were scattered about in small groups and appeared to be unaware of us.

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A scenic water hole at the foot of a small hill had several buffalo standing in the water, drinking. It would make a great photo for a painting, so we parked at a distance and Robert quietly got out and began walking down the incline to the water. A moment passed, and they began trotting toward Robert.

He decided they had gotten close enough and clapped his hands. They moved faster. He clapped louder, getting the attention of the rest of the herd, and they began to converge on us from all directions.

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Robert arrived just ahead of the buffalo and jumped into the van as the herd of engulfed us. They were huge, and their wet noses poked at the windows as they all crowded in to see us. We thought about honking the horn to scare them away, but there were small calves next to the van with their protective mothers. We looked in the side mirror and saw a large bull with one malevolent eye rubbing his horns on the back bumper.


We really needed to leave! An opening appeared in front of the van and we carefully eased forward through the sea of jostling black and brown bodies. As we emerged, we looked back and saw the bull pawing the ground and then he charged toward the van. We flew across the field with the bull and his harem in hot pursuit.