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Anger is an important part of your journey toward accepting your life with diabetes. And while it can feel good and empowering, out-of-control anger can be harmful to you and those around you—and it can lead to depression and stress. Is it fear? Is it loss of control? Is it anger at yourself?

The Thorn In My Side | Mental Health Intervention

As you find yourself getting angry, try to identify its root cause—and then work to transcend it. By continuing to deny it, you run the risk of not taking action to fight the disease and keep yourself healthy. An important part of steering out of denial is recognizing how it sounds in your head—and how it makes you avoid critical care.

If you catch yourself saying or thinking any of the following phrases, you may be in denial:.

Work with your diabetes care team to make a plan and set your goals. Ask your diabetes educator for help and be accountable to them.

30 Years of Depression, Gone

And tell your family and friends how they can help you stick to your treatment plan. Sometimes, you just feel hopeless—and have no idea what comes next.

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Q: Any tips for people who are experiencing mental health side effects from their medication? A: Many prescription medications come with an adjustment period. When you first start taking the drug, you may feel tired, depressed or unmotivated. Those symptoms typically level off after the first week or two.

He or she will be able to tell you that you might experience fatigue or brain fog during the first few weeks of treatment. Not only is exercise a proven mood lifter , it also helps improve circulation, which means your body processes the medication faster.


The caveat: If side effects are affecting your quality of life, ability to sleep or making you feel terrible, contact your doctor or pharmacist for help immediately. All medicines come with risks.

Some prescriptions require a weaning period and you need to adjust your dose down slowly. You can learn more about your prescription medications — and how they might affect you — by talking to your pharmacist. And tell your family and friends how they can help you stick to your treatment plan.

Sometimes, you just feel hopeless—and have no idea what comes next. However it shows up, depression can be hard to detect and can wreak havoc with your self care. If you feel like you might be depressed, talk with your doctor.

What causes depression?

See if it makes sense to talk to a psychotherapist or counselor and then work to overcome it. It takes time for depression to lift, but once you have the proper emotional tools in place, you can learn to recognize the symptoms and act fast. Mental Health. Mental Health Understanding diabetes and mental health.

Diabetes takes a toll on more than your body. With diabetes, you have a lot on your mind.

The Facts About Medication Side Effects

When you feel anger, there are a number of things you can do to short circuit it: Take a breath Take an even deeper breath Get a drink of water Sit down Lean back Shake your arms loose Work to silence yourself Take a walk. View our mental health provider directory. Find a provider.