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Sienna and Alexis Olympia splashed in the pool while learning some french with their famous moms.

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Unbeknownst to many visitors, entry to Notre3Dame-de-Paris is entirely free of charge, days a year. Upon scouting locations on Instagram, I stumbled upon this adorable rainbow-coloured city in what is otherwise a typically Haussmann-beige city.

Offbeat Paris: Alternative Things To Do In Paris

Why not spice up your Parisian getaway with skyscrapers, ultra-modern architecture and a fast-paced central square? It also offers a unique perspective of Paris. Take advantage of the new legislation that forbids car traffic on the most of the banks to have a romantic post-lunch stroll.

One does not have to pay expensive observatory fees to get smashing views of Paris. Some of my favourites include:. Surprisingly, the permanent collection at Maison de Victor Hugo is free to visit for everyone. It was built four centuries ago by orders of King Louis XIII as a medicinal garden — some of the herbs planted at the time still exist to this day.

Offbeat Paris Destinations: Unusual Things to do in Paris

The 4. One of the few entirely free museums of the city! Dedicated to one of the oldest and most famous French perfumeries, the museum is located in a lavish Napoleon III townhouse and features a lovely ornate decor that will leave very few indifferent.

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Nestled in the heart of Le Marais and opened since , this fantastic museum depicts the history of Paris from its very beginnings to our day and is located in a lovely 11th-century mansion. Not to be missed for the hardcore Paris lovers or the neophyte. Dominating this portion of the River Seine with its austere concrete walls, it focuses on the various art movements of both the 20th and 21st centuries, featuring over 8, artworks — including household names like Picasso, Matisse, Duchamp and Modigliani, to name a few.

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  • Visitors enter through imposing gold wrought-iron gates and enter one of the few English-style gardens in France, whose curved walkways are dotted with Greek sculptures, a Rotunda, a Renaissance colonnade, Corinthian pillars, a Dutch windmill and even a large pond favoured by a myriad of birds. The hike up the park is, unsurprisingly, very steep — it is called a butte , which is French for hill — but the reward far outweighs the effort.

    Welcome to the largest city hall in Europe!

    The Secret and Offbeat Paris I want to share with you - French Moments

    Skip the research process and just enjoy your trip! Not sure where to stay during your next trip in the City of Lights? Here is a list of the best hotels in Paris, from..

    Located in the heart of Paris, Les Caves du Louvre is a unique venue, opened recently to the public thanks to an enthusiastic Meet over celebrities in a breathtaking setting! Founded in AD, the Monnaie de Paris has had its artists' workshops installed in the centre of Paris at 11 quai de Conti since In Paris, the most renowned photography studio was that under the eye of Cosette Harcourt.

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    A legendary house emblematic of You thought you knew everything about chocolate? Come and enjoy new chocolatey experiences! Discover the history of chocolate, It brings together plants, works of art and Enjoy the fabulous and exciting history of this rare and unique collection, entirely devoted to cinema.

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    This wonderful venue It focuses on written Thanks to close A unique This collection of medical waxworks — some 5, casts — bears witness to a way of learning about medicine and makes an important