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Favorites The king's wicked counselors, however, oppose her in the attempt. The king initially grants Joan permission to attack, but just as Joan is on the verge of victory, the king announces a long-term truce with Paris, which indicates a ceasefire. Joan and de Conte are upset at the lost opportunity. The final chapter relates the events of May 24, , in which Joan and the French lose a battle to the English and Burgundian troops, resulting in Joan's capture.

Throughout Book 2, de Conte speaks of Joan's virtue her ban on prostitution, gambling, and profanity in the army; her requirement that each man attend church; and her mercy toward English prisoners as well as Joan's divine powers her recognizing the king without notice, finding a hidden sword in the church, foreseeing war-wounds and her impending death.

For five and a half months, the Burgundians hold Joan, waiting for King Charles to provide a ransom of 61, francs. When no attempt is made, she is sold to the English. For two more months, Joan remains imprisoned while her enemies, led by Bishop Pierre Cauchon of Beauvais, prepare her trial. In an attempt to lessen her influence over the French people, they decide to try Joan for crimes against religion. The questions at trial focus on topics such as the visions, her cross-dressing, and her upbringing.

According to Catholic teaching, only God knows who is in a state of Grace. By answering either yes or no, Joan can be accused of blasphemy. In Chapter XX, Joan finally submits to her captors before she is about to die at the stake. While Joan slept, one of the guards removed her female apparel and put male apparel in its place. For breaking the condition that she not wear men's clothing again, Joan is convicted as a "relapsed heretic.

In his writing, de Conte returns to the present year of , where he is 82 years of age. He closes with a salute to the legacy of Joan, citing her impact on the country she loved so much. I like Joan of Arc best of all my books; and it is the best; I know it perfectly well. And besides, it furnished me seven times the pleasure afforded me by any of the others; twelve years of preparation, and two years of writing.

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The others needed no preparation and got none. Distinctly lacking the humor prevalent in his other works, this novel has a different tone and flow from Twain's other works. He had a personal fascination with Joan of Arc that began in the early s when he found a leaf from her biography and asked his brother Henry if she was a real person. He once stated that he had been taught 'enmity toward everything that is Catholic'". Twain claimed to have worked harder on this book than any other.

In a letter to H. Despite Twain's claim of devoting 14 years toward the book's creation, historians today agree that the bulk of Twain's investigation was conducted during his prolonged stay in Europe during the early s, which included multiple stops in France. At this time, Joan of Arc's story was relatively unknown especially in English-speaking nations, which makes Twain's research noteworthy.

Chapter 1 - Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc

Twain based his descriptions of Joan of Arc on Susy Clemens , his daughter, as he remembered her at the age of Twain began writing the novel late in , then set it aside until and finished the manuscript the following year. The book was first published in , and the language is of those times. It is also hard to empathize with the characters.

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The detailed events make the story long and yet still only at the very, very end was I emotionally moved, exasperated by what happened to her. Only at the very end was I mad and furious and frustrated and felt like punching someone. Mark Twain was not a Catholic, and I am not even religious, so it is hard for me to believe in prophesies and religious incarnations. I was up against a wall; I could not believe; I just listened.

Aha, that prophesy came true too! I read of it and thought it must have been so, but I cannot understand because I am not a believer. I just put it down to history and say that again real history is stranger than fiction. If you prefer a book of historical fiction that is more fictional than factual, then perhaps choose other books.

See alternatives below. Let me add, the book is not devoid of humor. Although dated, some of the lines of the dialog will surely have you laughing. I listened to the audio version narrated by Michael Anthony. Even the pronunciation of the city of Rouen was off. Please, if a book takes place in France, the French must be correct. Michael should have taken a course on French pronunciation! I am very glad I read the book because I now understand the history of Joan of Arc.

I prefer fact over fiction, but the passage was tedious. But it is nice that it is over. Deed accomplished :0!!! View all 9 comments. Apr 28, Gregory Lee rated it really liked it. As Americans, we are required to consider "Huckleberry Finn" to be Twain's best work. It's the book in which Twain confronts racism and first proclaims that a white boy can have a black, escaped slave as a father figure.

Twain confronted much of his America's foolishness in the raft trip down the river.

He also at the end provided an easy answer: Jim was not an escaped slave after all, he'd been freed. Tom Sawyer could fix things without telling this.


Perhaps one shouldn't criticize Twain for As Americans, we are required to consider "Huckleberry Finn" to be Twain's best work. Perhaps one shouldn't criticize Twain for loving a character based on himself, much less for writing his own vision. Huck was brave enough to decide that he would aid Jim in escape. Twain delivered that decision without consequences. His "Joan of Arc" cannot be so delivered. He had a history book to follow. With no such option, twain focused on the humanity behind the story -- a humanity he so often despised.

He begins with a story about the destruction of fairies by the adults of the village. He is already symbolically foreshadowing the tragedy of Joan's life. For doing what is right, for daring to be great, she must be destroyed. Twain wrote this story to criticize humanity at its worst. At the same time, he allows us through his narrator to love humanity at its best.

He decries ignorance through his writing, as he always does. You have almost certainly read Huckleberry Finn, and perhaps Tom Sawyer. If you want to find out why Twain was truly great, look at some of his other novels and stories, and especially "Joan of Arc. View 1 comment. May 18, Jenny rated it it was amazing. After 12 years of research, the famous Mark Twain beautifully set down the story of Joan of Arc in a way that only a master storyteller could. What an amazing young woman she was!

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She was soft and humble as only a young person could be, and yet she had the courage and strength of a lioness. She could lead a charge into combat and then, after winning, comfort a dying enemy in her arms. That was the kind of woman that she was.

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Despite being called to a "man's work," she kept her femininity ever After 12 years of research, the famous Mark Twain beautifully set down the story of Joan of Arc in a way that only a master storyteller could. Despite being called to a "man's work," she kept her femininity ever present encouraging her soldiers to piety, showing compassion to those she battled, and always guarding her virtue.

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She listened to the voice of the Spirit and looked at others with what Twain called the "Seeing Eye. This gift of discernment is so important and something that we should work to develop. Joan reminds me of Marina in Shakespeare's Pericles. Both Joan and Marina could see past the outside past the bad behaviors and see the potential.

And others always rise to the occasion when someone has faith in them. What if we always looked at our family members with the Seeing Eye? It would create such a change in our relationships. Rather than being annoyed with the kids' squabbles or irritated by a spouse's forgetfulness, we would champion those we love. We would cheer and uplift them and help them see their true identity--the person that they have always been and the person that they are meant to become. What if we could look at ourselves with the Seeing Eye? There would no more comparing the worst of ourselves to the best of others.