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By offering retests only on sections, students save time and may be more inclined to test again. By simplifying ACT testing, students are able to spend time on other aspects of applications, such as essays. After all, the practice of using standardized testing to gauge academic ability is outdated and in some cases, inaccurate. These new changes to the ACT will allow students of all abilities to present a better score which represents and rewards their hard work. Not only is Linnea Shively excited to be starting junior year finally as an upperclassman, but also as a new member to the Zephyrus staff!

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Women in the superhero world. Homework: is it a necessary part of education? Close Menu. Close Back to Article. Changes to ACT testing gives students a chance to boost scores. Share on Facebook. When you take it, don't you get the sense that many questions are nothing like what you've seen in school?

It's purposely designed this way. It can't discriminate against students who never took AP Physics or whose schools don't even offer AP classes. Therefore, the ACT can't test difficult concepts , because this would be unfair for students who never took AP Physics. So it HAS to test scientific concepts that every high school student will cover: how to interpret data graphs, what the scientific method is, how scientific theories disagree from each other. Many students who study ACT Science are intimidated by the mistaken impression that they need to know a lot of science to get by.

The reality is the opposite - it's much more about reading comprehension, understanding graphs, and logic.

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Now, it SEEMS like you need to know a lot of science, because there will be weird scenarios you've never seen before, from dinosaur claw sizes to how clouds affect soil temperature. These may seem intimidating because you've never learned this in school.

The ACT expects you to solve questions for this graph through the skills you've learned in high school - looking at two axes, understanding how a plot works, and getting data values from the graph.

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This is good news for you: if you can practice the basic skills tested on ACT Science, and you know what types of questions will be asked, you'll do a great job on the section. I guarantee it. Just to prove this to you, further down we're going to understand this graph and go through a few sample questions. I'll go into more detail about exactly how to do this.

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First, let's see how many questions you need to get right a 26 in ACT Science. Disappointed with your ACT scores? Download our free guide to the top 5 strategies you need in your prep to improve your ACT score dramatically. If we have a target ACT score out of 36 in mind, it helps to understand how many questions you need to get right on the actual test. The ACT Science section has 40 questions on it. Depending on how many questions you get right, you'll get a Scaled score out of If you could use a refresher on how the ACT is scored and how raw scores are calculated, read this.

So if you're aiming for a 26, on this test you need to get just 30 questions correct. So here's an example. Let's say you know how to solve just 27 questions for sure.

You guess on the remaining 13, and get 4 of them right by chance. This gives you a raw score of 31, or a scaled score of 26! This has serious implications for your testing strategy. Whatever you're scoring now, take note of the difference you need to get to a For example, if you're scoring a 22, you need to answer more questions right to get to a Once again, if your goal is a score below 26, like a 24, the same analysis applies. Just look up what your Raw Score demands above. Hopefully, getting to a 26 on ACT Science doesn't seem so tough at this point!

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you're reading an ACT Science passage, and it's so overwhelming trying to understand every detail of whatever obscure thing they're telling you about. This is by far the biggest time waster for most students - and because you only have 35 minutes to get through 7 passages and 40 questions, time is a huge factor in ACT Science. This is especially true of all those complicated graphs you see.

You literally don't have to understand many of the details to get every question correct. The ACT does this on purpose to confuse you and make the test harder, and to show you what real scientific research kind of looks like. A common mistake people make is to try too hard to understand the passage in its entirety. They want to understand every detail in every chart.

Skim the passage and understand the passage at a very high level. Answer these two questions only:. I get the gist and I move on to the questions. My skimming: There is a lake. The lake sediment tells us about the climate in the past. This is a map showing 3 sites. Otherwise, I don't care right now where the sites are, how big the lake is, or whether I can see my house on this map. I'm ignoring all the fine details.

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This shows us a cutaway section of the lake, with the 3 sites from Figure 1. The y-axis is elevation. The key shows that each colored section is a different layer. Lake clay, glacial till, bedrock. The layers change as you move across the graph. Well, they all look about the same.