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Still keeps an ear bent on the wall of the leaning sky. Nor those who pop out with an inside scoop are ever drunk. Ma Cherie Sep I hear them whisper, "hello" Blinding beauty through unadulterated sunlight I am fleeced like a lamb watching in awe,.. September Roses Aug Crystal eyes Fall for them Over And over Drown in oceans stormy grey Lost in forests emerald green To get drunk inside and snap away to sober An underground lake cavern A still, silver cargo ship docked by the bay A sky and sea beyond the windows 2pm on a shady spring day Catching a glint in the light I find my teeth biting my thumb Oh god how I love to gaze In what you use to gaze apon.

Targeted towards absolutely anyone with eyes, at all. Marya Sep If you're looking up at the sky tonight Know, that you can surely win your fight. If you're staring at the vast night above Know, that you can make it, that you are loved. If you're walking in the dark, guided by stars Know, your destination is never too far. If you only see lies, searching for what is true, Know that I'm just as clueless, looking up, with you. Waleed Khalidi Dec Like Forty Dying Stars. Did you see the bliss Shoot across the night sky? Here then there so quickly Like a blink could project its moment Yet when crumbling Into the quake of memory It is the window's remaining rain Trickling down so slowly after the storm Until all that is left is its drying trail Clear to see the tired clouds sink behind A heart so weathered Never truly sleeps.

Never rests The hallow beats manifest Into the crippling visions of the night Blanketed by such distress Until the rising light does nothing But awaken the regrets that were left on the nightstand Like a book with one chapter No where left to turn Do you see the ache Shining dim in the night sky? Like a footprint in the moon's dust As alone as one could ever walk Do you see the shame? Like forty dying stars Their fiery, blazing eyes Watching every paranoid jitter. Kevin J Taylor Oct Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle.

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It is called " e's" that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry from common things. Shofi Ahmed Sep Spring, Blessing of The Queen of Paradise. Bud of the winter dew on lips grow, Snowy boughs surrounding began to unfold, 'Spring it shall flower' you must travel along, to see When she will flower and in her very first glance, Shall innovate the ether lapis-lazuli sky, And the glamorous sun in her luminous dews, She will cast her gaze towards the infinity, And the veiled spring-night of tender full-moon, With millions of star thriving, will be reflected upon; She will whisper to the sleeping morning breeze, And that will wake dancing the primrose's aroma, Smoothly waving over the green meadows!

Who will let it be freely, purely, organic! In whose innovate warm touch shall dissolve, Poor winter's covering upon the earth, Hence, once again green earth shall cast, A glance to its vernal zenana, Beneath the sunny sky wherein the air, Shall sniff the aroma of the radiant rose, And the birds shall tour around, Singing the song of freedom!

Endure, yet she is beyond the gaze of the sky! Now a season poor as she has flown away, Gone to address the assembly of the Angels! Therefore, accepting an invitation from the fairies, To have a bath in their lotus-pool, prior to flight.

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Hence, delighted fairies all flew to the palace, To give the news to Queen Mab! The shining sun under her shadow! The beauty by her grace fathomless, Gorgeous she looks, rosy winsome! Make all dance her awakening fragrance, Tenderness she breaths, and caresses the bliss, With a heart of endless love, Vivifies the file, pleasant, dynamic! Where lay upon the Throne, and youthful streams, Flowing, surrounded by, and canopied by the sky Of glory garnished by the millions of the divine artisans!

There the sun care greatest and offers harvest lights, And now, she comes to the streams, she shall swim. Therein the never fading water-lily will please her sight, She will listen to the divine birds of joyfulness, Singing the songs of the blissful souls, In the name of the all praiseworthy, The perpetual Creator, Allah. As she will innovate the songs, And the innovative image of the eternal creations, Will be bestowed upon the spring and all the houris, Shall greet the spring as they will pour Flowery rain over the fairies' pool!

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Listen, the angels sing 'Lo, the spring, ' Again and again, as she dives into the fairie's pool, And dips out up to the earth! See for yourself: As youthful as ever with the sun shining on her forehead And the day on her flowers, with her the earth is radiant Her soil is perfumed, she belongs to paradise!

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Stu Harley Sep Ice Blue Sky. Nico Julleza Jul When The Sun is a Sleeping Beauty. When the sun is a sleeping beauty at night shining on the Moon! The night is wake is a stunner far cuter.

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It knows no cold foot is on the move. The full wax of the starry sky keeps awake. But none could chart a line exposing a beautiful night in the veil, no one says a single word. The first one perhaps that dared to open the mouth only to be speechless to be lost for word! Not a night or two ago but since the dawning of the time! Before the Moon Painting in Black. Ambling in a full-moon night let alone the Moon I only asked for a star. Because I wanted to be in tune with the half-lit sky. But none did stop by me. Not even the little firefly.

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Oh, from nowhere from the colour black. Off its sea of different shades whips out the night. The Moon in black was indeed painting in the dark. Though every star was keeping a wide-open eye. But no one wants to tell where Before the very blink of the waxing Moon's eye where does the night scurry away?

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Tanay Sengupta Jul Are you the one? Whose words can soothe my soul; The one with the heart of gold. The restless fowl in the night sky; Scoring over the clouds up high. Who can bring me back to life; Cause I am dead of being alive. Will you set me free? Or, will you bind me to an eternity? Whom I have been seeking all my life; Teach me, teach me how it feels to be alive.

All Rights Reserved. Okay, publishing a poem after a very long time. I write one everyday, but I rarely publish them. Because most of my poems are way too dark. On the contrary, this one is rather simple and self-explanatory for everyone. Egeria Litha Aug Goodbye Waitress in the Sky. Ashleigh Black Jul Good night. Elaina Jan Cradling the Sun -Haiku. Just imagine, me, between the earth and the sky, cradling the sun. This was written after seeing the evening sun low in the horizon Ira Aug The Fire Brush.

The blush of the tree I sit in shakes, As the firey skies make the blue trees bark quakes, And the crimson seeds overtakes. The wind then blows pass with all the fire brushes spawn, Letting the sky clear beautifully like a new dawn. I, swaying in the blue trees red leaves smile, as I take off all the seeds from me.

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Then I looked up to see the cloudless sky, And gaze at magnificent red, yellow and blue sunset. The seeds then glow red in my hand, and I smile, because now I have a night light waiting for the dawn.

The Naked-eye Appearance of the Planets. Current Positions of the Planets. Visibility of the Planets in The Naming of the Planets. Current Moon Phase.