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But Epiphanius [17] explicitly rejects this view, and, in accordance with the imagery of the passage, explains it as the bishops. John sees a vision of the Son of man , who walks among seven lampstands and has seven stars in his right hand. Revelation states that "The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

Augustine of Hippo 's reason for interpreting angels of the churches as the prelates of the church is that St.

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John speaks of them as falling from their first charity, which is not true of the angels. Much of what is said is rebuke and admonishment, so if the angels are heavenly beings, they may serve in some way as representatives of the sinful people in their churches. Jewish tradition maintained that every nation and individual has a guardian angel, and that when God is about to punish a nation, He first punishes its angel. There is even a story of Michael, the guardian angel of Israel, being rebuked by God for the sins committed in the time of Ezekiel.

So the original readers of Revelation might have assumed that the angels here are the guardian angels of the individual churches, sharing responsibility for the actions of the members.

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Scofield has noted that "The natural explanation of the 'messengers' is that they were men sent by the seven churches to ascertain the state of the aged apostle Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For Possessed album, see Seven Churches album. This article is about the seven churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

Seven churches of Asia

For other uses, see Seven Churches disambiguation. We know this because, by the third century, illustrations on some coins had mixed together Jewish and pagan versions of the Flood stories. Laodicea boasted great resources, but had a poor water supply. Because Laodicea had to pipe in its water, it grew lukewarm by the time of its arrival. Jesus thus finds the church in Laodicea to be other than what he desires cf.

The book of Revelation would have been carried by travelers or in this case personal messengers. This is because no public postal service existed—apart from those tasked with carrying messages regarding the official business of the empire. We find instances of these in Isa. Related article: What Is the Mark of the Beast?

To what degree are the messages to the particular churches distinctive, and to what degree should they be read as samples of what is addressed to all the churches?

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There is surely a sense in which each church receives the letter appropriate to it. In the early twentieth century William Ramsay and more recently Colin Hemer emphasized how the message to each church resembles what we know of the cities in which the churches existed. The basic principle for applying these letters to ourselves and others today thus seems to be: If the shoe fits, wear it. That the letters to the seven churches often betray characteristics of the cities in which these churches flourished reminds us how easily churches can reflect the values of their culture if we do not remain vigilant against those values.

Such parallels may be coincidence, but they might also illustrate a pattern in history: The church, no matter how powerless in a given society, is a guardian of its culture. Naturally we recognize that not all suffering reflects judgment; but some does, especially on the societal level. Categories New Testament. Where were the seven churches located? Ephesus Revelation A messenger coming from Patmos—where John wrote—would reach Ephesus first, so Ephesus makes sense as the first letter.

Smyrna Revelation For three centuries Smyrna had been one of the most important cities in Asia Minor. Pergamum Revelation Pergamum was a famous city that had long prospered. Laodicea Revelation Perhaps the most well-known of the seven letters addresses the church in Laodicea. What remains today, however, dates from the rebuilding under Marcus Aurelius after a devastating earthquake in AD.

It was a gift from Sultan Abdulmecit, and was built in in an elaborately decorated late-Ottoman style. Jewish Quarter - The old Asansor quarter , filled with old restored houses, is also known as the Jewish quarter. Dario Moreno Sokagi is the main pedestrian street to the Asansor itself, which is an elevator that was built in the 19th century. At fifty-one meters in height, it provides access between the lower and upper streets.

Situated on the upper side, the Asansor restaurant offers a beautiful view of Izmir. Breakfast at the hotel and drive to the Morning Mass at St. After the Mass, start visits of the sacred Christian sites of Constantinople. Rebuilt by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian circa AD , it was transformed into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest of the city in and is now a museum.

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Roman emperor Constantine I commissioned the Hagia Irene church in the 4th century. It was burned down during the Nike revolt in Emperor Justinian I had the church restored in It served as the church of the Patriarchate before Hagia Sophia was completed in This Great Palace of the Ottoman Sultans is the most extensive and fascinating monument of Ottoman civil architecture in existence.

In addition to its architectural and historical interest, it contains as a museum, superb and unrivalled collections of porcelains, amour, fabrics, jewels, illuminated manuscripts, calligraphy and many objects of art formerly belonging to the Sultans.

Topkapi was built between and as the seat of government of the newly installed Ottoman regime. Begun in by Emperor Justinian, the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus was an early experiment in Byzantine architecture, with a large central dome supported by an octagonal base. The architecture of the building survived fully intact from the Byzantine era. So too did the Greek dedicatory inscription around the central nave.

Established by Mehmet the Conqueror in mid- 15th century, it is a small city in itself. The Bosphorus has, for all ages, been the subject of legend and art. Spices, dried fruits, cheeses, sausages, jams, nuts and seeds, locum Turkish delight and other edibles fill most of the shops. Constantinople has been the center of the Eastern Christian Church since Constantine moved the Roman capital there in the 4th century. The Patriarchate complex includes the Authorization Offices, the Patriarchate Library, the financial offices, the public enterprises of Patriarchate and the Patriarchate Cathedral Church of Saint George.

Savior in Chora Church.

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Revelation Letters to Seven Churches

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  • It is meters long by 70 meters wide with columns. Mass in St. Antonio di Padova Church Monday through Saturday starts at am; on Sunday starts at ; in English , a basilica and the largest church of the Roman Catholic Church in Istanbul After the Mass, start visits of the sacred Christian sites of Constantinople. Tour Code.