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Keel hopes that with a new name, there will also be renewed alumni support -- possibly even enough donations to cover the cost of another name change.

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Federal government releases earnings data for thousands of college programs. Former Title IX coordinator claims she was forced out for upholding the law. Mathematician comes out against mandatory diversity statements, while others say they continue to be. Italy's new education minister wants to emphasize impact over metrics.

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By Kellie Woodhouse. September 16, Georgia Regents University is changing its name. Read more by Kellie Woodhouse.

Eight Campuses in Georgia University System to Combine

Want to advertise? Click here. I mean it's a pretty tiring four days. You know I was kind of glad when that fourth day was over just to get back on that plane. He said he got stronger there while training for the combine and is happy that it has all worked out in his favor. We turned our focus to the NFL.

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I asked him what his strengths were. He told me that from talking to certain teams he knew they were looking for a good backup. He said if a team wanted him to back up for the first couple of years that was fine but if they needed him to come in right away and play he could do that too. He feels like that versatility is really going to help him. Anderson is gigantic—literally like a refrigerator with feet. I wondered if he thought his size was an advantage. He told me that it definitely was an advantage for him. He told me that he was at the combine and he saw the guys that were ranked ahead of him.

He told me that they are all smaller and he felt that doing the drills on the field showed him that while he was bigger, he was more athletic than they were. I asked him if he had a message for the fans of the team that drafts him.

That's pretty much all I can do and I'm going to put everything else in God's hands. Justin Anderson is a man of faith and he alluded to his faith throughout the entire interview. He told me that God was an anchor in his life and it had been like that for years. He has the mentality and mindset to take on the challenges on the NFL. He is one of those guys that leaves you feeling better about things after talking, and that is refreshing.

It was a pleasure talking to him, and when his name gets called in the draft, I will be very happy for him. I will know that some team just drafted a good football player and a really good person. Scott Bischoff is a Contributor for Bleacher Report. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were obtained first-hand. Georgia stars Andrew Thomas, J.